Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Terms & Conditions May Apply Movie Critique Review

Terms & Conditions May Apply Critique - Movie Review Example Notably, many citizens, especially from America have expressed concerns about the increasing spying, which have led to an increased loss of privacy. The director uses recent examples to illustrate that the terms and conditions that internet users accept when signing into sites such as Facebook, Amazon and Google may be an avenue for the government to spy on citizens. After watching the documentary a few days ago, the issues exposed by the director proved very timely because of the increased spying by the governments. The desires of many governments such as the American government to increase security in a bid to avoid terrorist attacks, governments were compelled to take stringent measures. One of the measures adopted by the Central Intellectual Agency (CIA) as revealed in this documentary is the introduction of surveillance systems that ensure a close monitoring of data from internet users and mobile phone users. According to this movie, Facebook, Google and Amazon agreed to let the CIA have access to data from their users. Therefore, the movie makes it evident that many citizens feel that they have lost their privacy to the increase spying by the intelligence unit. Using the example of Snowden, who had previously worked with the National Security Agency (NSA) in America, made a serious revelation of the extent to which spying done by the intelligence unit, the director develops his arguments. The director’s purpose of creating this documentary was to enlighten the citizens that they sho uld exercise their power and not agree to terms and conditions that promote spying. Throughout the film, the director makes it evident that people have a choice and they should voice their concerns regarding the spying issue (Abrams n.p). One of the outstanding aspects of the documentary is the character named Mark Zuckerberg. The fact that the director was able to reach the founder of Facebook and make him one of the starring characters in

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