Thursday, November 21, 2019

Smoking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Smoking - Research Paper Example To understand and minimize the number of smokers, it is relevant to reduce the number of new smokers (Lindson et al., 2011). Studies show that people who smoke acquire the habit from close friends or parents. Generally, having a close person who is a smoker significantly increases the chances of a person ending up smoking. Mohammed, a cigarette addict confesses, â€Å"I got this bad habit from old brother.† He also got the urge to start smoking from his father and his best friends (Mohammed, 2013). The continued exposure to smokers was the main reason why Mohammed was compelled to start smoking. For this reason, the focus group in prevention measures has to be the closest people (Lindson et al., 2011). According to Mohammed, most people who smoke regret ever starting to smoke because they are unable to stop. Their biggest problem is that due to addiction, they are imprisoned by the vice and are unable to pull out. Mohammed claims â€Å"Smoking almost two packs a day has caused different heal problems to me.† In his statement, it is clear that he attributes deteriorating health to his habit of smoking. He enjoys swimming, but due to the effect of smoking on his lungs, he easily gets tired and his attempts are labored (Mohammed, 2013). Khalid is another smoking addict. He started smoking when he was 14 years old. The main reason that compelled him to start smoking was his older cousin. He attributed his ‘coolness’ to smoke and therefore tried it to be cool (Khalid, 2013). This demonstrates that peer pressure plays a big role in introducing people to smoke. The pressure originates from the people around them. Like Mohamed, Khalid had health issues; he is unable to engage in physical exercises. He easily tires and the effects affect his social life because his family has to deal with medical issues that result from his smoking Khalid says, â€Å"I regret every

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