Friday, December 6, 2019

Teen Vs Adult free essay sample

Teen pregnancy and adult pregnancy are both very serious consequences. There are several comparisons between the two. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing and life changing events that a woman can experience. Bringing a baby into the world is a responsibility that is a life long journey. Yet, there is a high difference between teen pregnancy and adult pregnancy. Teen years are some of the most important years of your life. Being pregnant as a teen, it is more likely that you are not stable and still immature. Taking care of another life can be very difficult because babies need you at all times. Being a parent in your teen years means you are going to have to drop almost everything you do and change your ways of life. The lifestyle of an adult and a teen are completely different. Maintaining a baby and school can get very stressful, leading the teen to drop out of high school. Without a high school diploma, that means a lower paying job, and low-income. Having a child is very expensive and without the financial stability you need to have, it does not provide a stable family. Also, with the education cut short, a teenage mother may lack job skills making it hard for her to find and keep a job. Being able to provide diapers, healthy food, clothing, and medical bills get very costly. Being pregnant as an adult is a much more responsible choice. Adults are more mature and most likely have the proper care. Unlike a teenager, you live in your own house and not with your parents. With graduating high school and having a college degree, the financial stability is more promising. Being an adult having a child is more likely to have a partner, rather than a teenager. With having a partner, they can help take care of the baby when the mother needs her own time. Waiting until marriage or adult years is even better because the mother will have a partner to help out with finances and taking proper care of the baby while out of work. An adult can provide the child with basic needs such as nutritious foods, a safe environment, appropriate clothing for weather conditions, etc. As a parent you need physical and emotional needs to be met that as a teen are probably not. The mother needs to be accepting to the responsibilities of being a mother. An adult has a better understanding of spending quality time with her baby and set good examples. Teenage pregnancy comes with many more complications then adult pregnancy does. Teenagers are not fully developed which means they are still growing while the baby is in the womb. Since the teenage mother is still growing herself, she needs to eat properly not only for her own, but for normal growth of the fetus. In your teen years, it is common to go out and party with your friends. Being pregnant it is very dangerous if you drink, smoke, or do drugs. Many things can go wrong in the pregnancy if the mother does not take care of herself by eating badly, drinking, or doing drugs. Teenagers already have a higher risk than adults do, of complications during their pregnancy. By not following what is best for the baby’s sake, it is a huge risk the baby will become a miscarriage. When a teenager has a baby, it is most likely to have a low birth rate and are predisposed to a variety of illnesses. Teenagers sometimes develop a illness called preeclampsia which is a severe condition of high blood pressure. While pregnant, you are supposed to stay away from certain foods. If a mother does not eat correctly while pregnant, it can result to the baby being born with serious illnesses and cause the baby to die within it’s first year of birth. Also, taking vitamins is very important when you are pregnant to keep you and the baby healthy. All of these responsibilities may be hard for a teenager to follow because of the lifestyle she is use to. When babies are born by an adult, they get a better education then babies born by teenagers. Studies have shown that babies born to a teenager are more likely to suffer health, social, and emotional problems. Mothers need to be able to communicate with their child, and it is easier for an adult who has more experience with communicating skills then a teenager. Most teenagers who have babies probably live with their parents, which leaves little time to get to know their child. It is likely to have the teenagers mother and father take care of the baby which makes them somewhat closer to the baby then the mother. Teenagers who are parenting often start to depend on their family or public assistance. Teen mothers are likely to live in poverty and to go into welfare within the first few years of parenting. Some studies also show that a child born to a teen mom has a higher chance of to repeat a grade and perform poorly in school because they did not get the adult education when they were younger. Teenagers who get pregnant can usually push away the baby’s father, to leave the mother with no support. Many people will also look at her lowly, and if the dad is not there by her side it can leave people to assume she got pregnant on purpose. Teenage parents need all the support they can get because it is a very hard thing to go through. In many cases, the father leaves or is very unwilling to take responsibility in the first place, and the mother is left to be a single teen parent. In conclusion, I think the birth of a child is one of the most amazing events that can occur in a woman’s life. Whether a teen or an adult, bringing a baby into the world is a huge responsibility and commitment. I believe that an adult is far more prepared and experienced in life to raise a child. As I have explained in my paper, for society and for the baby, It is better for an adult to have a child rather a teen.

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